Praise report: Applauding your work to provide COVID-19 vaccines

"Sending you congratulations on your Saturday scheduled COVID injections for your patients. My husband and I were totally pleased and amazed with how the entire process was handled. Your staff was completely professional and organized. Our entire time from start to finish was 20 minutes, including our 15 minute observation time. Y'all rocked it!"



Just wanted to thank you for getting me my COVID vaccine shot today!  Also, I don't know who was responsible for organizing the MARC today for all of us getting our shots but he/she/they are to be congratulated!  It was a super good job of organizing EVERYTHING!  No waiting, nurses helping all along the way, everything going so smoothly.  A great job!"

-UT Health patient 


"Kathy and I were able to get our first COVID vaccines today. Just wanted to commend the organization and well-planned procedure. It could not have gone better."



"Jan and I received our COVID shots yesterday, and I will report that it was the best run operation I have ever experienced. We arrived a half hour early because we thought the garage would be a disaster, the lines would be long and wait times would be frustrating. I could not have been more wrong. The staff was efficient, friendly, courteous and kind--though their feet HAD to hurt and the scope of the effort seemed overwhelming. I am beyond impressed. Kudos to the planning, staffing and execution of this daunting task. The MARC needs to explain to the feds how to run a perfect campaign."



"I had my first COVID vaccine Saturday and I have to commend your team for an amazingly efficient operation. I walked in and out in less than 5 minutes, then just had to wait 15 minutes to monitor for side effects. For a task the scope of this endeavor, it’s a comfort to know the professionalism behind the planning and execution of this vital community undertaking. Congratulations to all involved."

-UT Health patient


"We have been absolutely enthralled with the unbelievable experience(s) we have encountered at the Shavano Clinic. First was our PCR test scheduling back in Oct./Nov. with super special handling and then when we returned from the Maldives just a few days ago and had another PCR test with results that evening and a vaccination the next day! The customer service, attention to detail and follow up (she called to see how we were feeling after the shot and how my foot—small problem—was doing) is over the top! Please, please, please give Maria a great big pat on the back and recognition for being simply the best!! You have an outstanding team and should be very proud of them."

-Peter & Susanne