"No MyChart for me, thanks!" How to overcome common patient objections to MyChart

At UT Health Physicians, MyChart is the preferred method of communication between patients and their care teams and it’s up to all employees to improve patient activation rates. We know that MyChart provides our patients access to their health information online, anytime, anywhere and is critical for improving patient/care team communication, but we may still encounter objections from patients who don’t see the benefits.


Wondering how to improve understanding given common objections? Use these responses.


Top 4 MyChart Objections:

    1. I don’t have a computer or smartphone.
      • Respond with: "Ok, I completely understand. Do you have a loved one who might have a device? We’d be happy to work with both of you to get you set up and comfortable."
    2. I hate technology.
      • Respond with: "I understand, it can be frustrating and sometimes complicated. But I think you’ll find MyChart surprisingly easy to use, activation is fast and easy. Do you have a device? I’d be happy to work with you to get it set up and you feeling comfortable."
    3. I don’t have time for this.
      • Respond with: "I understand. I can send you an instant activation link to sign up – via text or email. Which would you prefer? I’ll also send you the link to our website where you’ll find a video to help you. If you have questions, please contact us."
    4. I prefer to speak with my doctor versus receive messages.
      • Respond with: "I understand, but I would like you to know that MyChart can be used to do many different things, including request appointments, view test/lab results, exchange messages with your provider, and have video visits. It is not intended to replace office visits with your provider, but it does provide the most efficient way for us to communicate. Knowing all of this, would you be willing to reconsider? I can help you get set up."