Cadence & referral updates for UT Health Physicians

Download this PowerPoint to see changes and new Cadence features currently in production. 


A summary of changes are as follows:

  • To prevent loss of revenue, the ability of staff to continue past prompts notifying them that the referral was past the authorization date, or the number of referral has been exhausted, has been eliminated.
  • To prevent loss of revenue, visit type instructions for telephone calls have been implemented for staff to review payors, as some payors will no longer paying for telephone calls.
  • For manager tracking, referral columns of days in WQ have been added to provide an at-the-glance view of how long referrals have been in the WQ. 
  • For staff referral WQ tracking, deferred referral reasons have been added to more accurately describe why referrals were deferred.

Do you have questions, issues, or other suggestions for improvements? Please provide feedback to the Cadence team.